CNG Auto Conversion to Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Affordable, Abundant, American CNG Fuels Your Vehicle for Less

Natural gas is more than 90% methane, and the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon available. This abundant, low-cost, domestically produced fuel is used in more than 70,000,000 homes and businesses throughout the United States. For vehicle use, natural gas is compressed to 3,000 or 3,600 pounds per square inch to increase the amount that can be stored and carried in your truck or car.

The resulting CNG is a desirable substitute for common fossil fuels such as traditional gasoline, diesel, and propane. Environmentally cleaner than other fuels, CNG is non-toxic and burning it does not increase the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. It also dissipates quickly into air if released, preventing any ground or water contamination.

North America’s reserves of natural gas are plentiful, with the discovery of new reservoirs a regular occurrence. Recent shale reservoir findings have revealed natural gas deposits double the amount of estimated U.S. gasoline reserves. Because of its growing abundance, domestic natural gas will play a major role in meeting our 21st-century energy needs.

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