Compressed Natural Gas Conversion To Bi-Fuel System

Fuel Your Vehicle with CNG or Traditional Gasoline

While there are two types of bi-fuel systems available, CNG Pitstop exclusively installs sequential injection systems, which are more reliable than lower-cost aspirated systems often used on older vehicles. With more advanced electronics, fewer maintenance problems, and better overall performance, sequential injection systems have CNG injected sequentially into each engine cylinder and have much more precise fuel management than aspirated systems.

Our kit also integrates with your vehicle’s computer, resulting in the best fuel economy and performance. We use a Polish-made sequential injection system with the latest technology for durability and reliability. Many other kits lose their tune if the battery is ever disconnected, whereas ours does not. Many others may also automatically revert back to gasoline during idle, or when the engine surpasses a certain RPM, whereas ours does not. All these factors contribute to our CNG Pitstop system giving you the maximum ROI for your money.

Once your system is installed, switching between compressed natural gas and traditional gasoline couldn't be easier:

  • A convenient CNG fuel indicator and control switch installed on or near the dashboard allows you to switch the CNG on or off, even while the vehicle is running.
  • The CNG indicator shows the CNG fuel level.
  • If your vehicle runs out of CNG, it will automatically switch to traditional fuel and continue to run.

Your system comes with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, along with free periodic maintenance during that time. Contact us today to have your CNG bi-fuel system installed on your car or truck.