Compressed Natural Gas Tank Replacement

CSA Certified Technicians for Safe, Reliable Installation of New Tanks


Many vehicles manufactured with compressed natural gas, or with CNG added more than a decade ago, will soon have expired tanks that need replacement. In addition, if you had a CNG bi-fuel system installed in the past utilizing used tanks to reduce up-front costs, you could soon be approaching the expiration date of those tanks.

With access to a full variety of tanks on the market, CNG Pitstop can replace the tanks of your CNG system whenever necessary. While buying a used tank is a viable option for most vehicles, we often recommend the purchase of a new tank (or tanks) due to a much higher level of confidence in their valves, seals and components lasting for many years without incident.

While this is often somewhat more costly in relation to the life of the target vehicle, tanks retain good value and can be removed and reinstalled on another similar vehicle provided the measurements overlap. Unless they are near expiration, your vehicle’s tank can be taken out, and then sold or transferred to another vehicle.

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