Compressed Natural Gas System Leak Checks

ASE/CSA Certified Technicians for Thorough Inspection and Repair of CNG Systems

Safety is important. At CNG Pitstop, we perform multiple leak checks on all CNG tanks and system components. Our ASE Certified Alternate Fuel technicians will thoroughly check all aspects of your CNG system with special attention paid to:

  • Valves
  • Tanks
  • Injectors
  • Gas line and Fittings
  • Various clamping points
  • Mechanical components, such as regulators, MAP sensors, etc.

During our leak inspection, we use a combustible gas leak detector that detects various gases, and if there is a leak in an enclosed area, such as the passenger compartment, we’ll know immediately (chances are, you’ll know it too). Compressed natural gas includes an additive to give it a distinct smell to aid in leak detection.

Contact us today to schedule a leak check of your CNG bi-fuel system.