High-Quality CNG Kits & Parts

All Parts Fully Compliant with NFPA52 National Fire/Safety Standards

CNG Pitstop is an authorized U. S. distributor of the EuropeGas kit that includes high-quality components and is fully compliant with U.S. national safety standards, including Hanna injectors, Tomasetto regulators, Oscar-N SAS Electronic Control Units, and stainless steel tubing.

CNG Pitstop kits include all necessary parts, specialty components and hardware needed for the installation process. Each kit is customized with the items necessary for the specific make and model vehicle being converted. For safe and accurate installation of your kit, you will need to purchase our Training Package for Businesses or have proof of equivalent training experience. This serves to protect the consumer, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.


Pricing for CNG Kits & Parts

Approved professional installers may purchase the EuropeGas kit from CNG Pitstop. We offer additional discounts on any purchases of eight or more kits. CNG Pitstop is your one-stop-shop for all the CNG parts you’ll need, including kits, regulators, filters, injectors, and special fittings. Contact us for dealer pricing.

Retail price of 8-Cylinder Kit - $4,000.00

Retail price of 6-Cylinder Kit - $3,950.00

Retail price of 4-Cylinder Kit - $3,900.00