CNG Installation for Cars and Trucks

Durable, Reliable Bi-Fuel Systems by Experienced Installers

CNG Pitstop performs expert installation of CNG systems in just about any kind of car, truck or SUV on the road. So, you can enjoy driving a vehicle that suits your style AND has the added economic and environmental benefits of a CNG bi-fuel system.

In most cases, CNG Pitstop uses a universal sequential system manufactured in Europe proven to be reliable as well as durable. Your vehicle will be in good hands with carefully trained and experienced technicians performing the installation and guiding you through the process.

In as little as two to three days, you’ll have your new compressed natural gas system up and running—and saving you money. While additional lead time is occasionally needed to obtain specific tank mounts and/or parts, you can continue to drive your vehicle until the parts arrive.

Ready to start saving money on fuel? Contact us to make your installation appointment today. Note: A deposit of approximately 50% is required when the appointment is made.