2-Year Warranty on All CNG Conversions

Regular Maintenance Ensures Your CNG System Functions Properly

CNG Pitstop offers a 2-year/24,00-mile warranty on complete installations. We will replace any non-functioning part or parts in your CNG system, or correct faulty labor, at no charge, for 2 years, or 24,000 miles, from the installation date.

Regular maintenance is critical for CNG systems, so this warranty is dependent upon having required maintenance on your vehicle’s CNG system. Not doing so voids your warranty. While transferrable, the new owner of the vehicle must also adhere to having the necessary maintenance performed on the system.

Maintenance required for the 2-Year Performance Warranty includes:

  • Changing the high- and low-pressure filters, checking the overall system, and servicing the system as needed every year or every 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Inspecting the tanks and updating the documentation and labels as appropriate whenever inspections are due.
  • Obtaining service whenever the system seems to perform unsatisfactorily.
  • Obtaining service as soon as possible if the “check engine” light comes on.

If your CNG-converted vehicle is in need of service, contact us today to schedule an appointment.