CNG Benefits After Bi-Fuel System Conversion

Significant Savings on Monthly Fuel Costs

From fuel cost savings to increased market value of your vehicle, conversion to a CNG gas bi-fuel system will not only save you money in the long run, but provide convenience, increased power for diesel engines and increased travel distance. CNG Pitstop installation, allows you to:

  • Save money. CNG is priced significantly cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel. Measured in Gasoline Gallon Equivalents (GGE), CNG is often as much as half the cost of a gallon of unleaded gasoline. See our Fuel Savings Calculator to find out just how much you could save.
  • Go the distance. The installation of our CNG bi-fuel system allows you to still switch to your vehicle’s traditional gasoline system, increasing your vehicle’s level of available fuel for longer trips.
  • Get more for your vehicle. Vehicles that have been converted to a CNG bi-fuel system often sell faster than those that run on traditional fuel and increases market value. Of course, we’re also able to uninstall your CNG system and transfer it onto another vehicle with minimal cost or inconvenience.


Make the switch to compressed natural gas and start seeing the benefits. Contact us today for more information.