Our Commitment to You

Quality Installations by Certified Technicians

Owned and operated by a professionally trained and nationally certified CSA America CNG Fuel System Inspector, CNG Pitstop offers expertly installed compressed natural gas bi-fuel systems at its Beach City, Ohio location.  Uniquely qualified technicians take extra steps to ensure your CNG conversion system is installed with craftsmanship and skill to give you a finished product that will be safe, perform well and retain its market value with a professional look.

CNG Pitstop utilizes:

  • Sequential injection systems with high-speed controllers
  • High-quality components and fittings
  • Custom-fabricated brackets where needed
  • Soldered, shrink-wrapped, and loom wrapped wires and connections
  • New fuel tanks good for 20 years
  • Heavy-duty tank-mounting brackets and parts

CNG Pitstop Ohio Team

Don’t Cut Corners on Your CNG System Installation

If you have considered installing a CNG system yourself, you need to know the risks associated with working with compressed natural gas. CNG is a flammable gas under extremely high pressure and involves significant hazards and can damage your vehicle if not properly installed by a qualified technician. These risks include:

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  • Improper handling of tanks, which can cause immediate lethal injury to you or others nearby or can damage the tank and/or compromise its long-term integrity.
  • Improper system installation, which could result in any number of potential risks, including fuel leakage, resulting in a catastrophic explosion.
  • Improper installation of CNG kits, which can trigger any number of potentially damaging scenarios, which otherwise could have been avoided if installed by a CNG professional.
  • Inferior parts, which can wear out and fail within months, and/or contribute to premature failure of existing and unrelated vehicle components.


CNG Pitstop conversions comply with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) regulations and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) of America tank guidelines, including fully labeling the vehicle, fuel receptacle and exterior.

CNG Pitstop is committed to providing superior service to our customers. Contact us today to schedule your CNG system installation.