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CNG Conversion Specialists

Our CNG bi-fuel conversion complements your vehicle’s traditional gasoline engine with a system that dramatically reduces fuel costs, gets virtually identical MPG to gasoline, extends engine life, and dramatically lowers your vehicles carbon emissions. After installation, you’re able to freely switch from CNG to gasoline and back again while driving. Find out how much you could save!

Compressed Natural Gas


Compressed natural gas bi-fuel conversion complements your vehicle’s traditional gasoline engine with a system that increases mileage, while also lowering your annual total fuel bill dramatically! After installation, our system will automatically switch to compressed natural gas once the engine is safely ready to receive it. Find out how much you could save.

Increased Mileage, Increased Savings

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US Map Of CNG Filling Stations

On average, conversion to natural gas cuts your fuel costs by as much as 50%, maintains virtually identical MPGs and also extends engine life. Wondering where to fill up? There are many CNG filling stations are conveniently located throughout the United States, with many more on the way!

Stable in the Market, Stable in Your Vehicle

CNG vs Gasonline

Natural gas has been historically stable in the market, as opposed to fluctuating prices at traditional pumps, and it’s stable in your vehicle. Less volatile than traditional gasoline, you can safely use natural gas in your vehicle as you would to heat your home. Find out if CNG conversion is right for you.

Financing Options, ROI Potential

Don’t let initial cost impact your decision to install a bi-fuel CNG system. Low-cost financing is available, and CNG conversion costs can often be recouped with the money you’ll save on future fill-ups within 12-18 months! Find out more about financing and discounts.

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